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 Anti graffiti Painting

Residential  - Commercial - Industrial



Public Transport
Train stations 
Building sidings
building and Structures
Bus stops,
Road, Rail
Sporting arenas
Stadiums, buildings
Over passes
Bridges, Fences, signs
Property Managers
Buildings, structures Signage,  walls
Building Companies
Fencing, walls,
Education Buildings
Buildings, signage
Government Buildings


Painting Experience:

  • Commercial

  • High-rise buildings

  • Logos

  • Towers

  • Malls

  • Parking Garages

  • New construction

  • Industrial structures

  • Hotels

  • Condominium 

  • Apartment

  • Townhouse

  • Hospitals

  • Casinos

  • Shopping Malls

  • Water Towers

  • Schools

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     Molecular Coatings Applacators   

    Quatum  Mike 


        Anti Graffiti Painting















    Molecular Nanotechnology
    The Anti Graffiti Coatings we use are on the Golden Gate Bridge

    Advanced Molecular Coating
    of Aluminum and Steel
    Substrate Surface
    Concrete Coating
    Marine & Hull Coating

    Proffesional Coval Applicators

    Under the Supervision of Quantum Coating & Sealants
    *Mike Star Dstributor*

    Fill out  Your Information and email it to us for Excellent Pricing and future Benefits of Covel Products Click
    Not Sold Confidential


    FFill out  Your Information and email it to us for Excellent Pricing and future Benefits of Covel Products Click
    Not Sold Confidential

    Do you need Information on  Protecting against
    graffiti vandalism?  We provide Graffiti removal, graffiti removers, or anti-graffiti? Successful graffiti removal program.
    We can assist you with what it takes to control graffiti aerosol vandals, or graffiti art.Whether it is using spray paint on trains, subways, walls, or kids bombing with spray can art, we have answers to your graffiti questions.


    Anti graffiti Painting

    Using a professional company that uses a top of the line Anti graffiti coatings, When applied  will make is so that you can remove the graffiti attack for the graffiti criminals of our society.

    Anti graffiti Painting is a company of
     Great Western Painting

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    Permanent marker can be removed with water and a sponge. The substrate won’t be damaged by repeated cleaning and the coating will last for many years and multiple cleans. While the graffiti coating itself should be applied by a professional applicator, the cleaning can be done by the property owner or manager.

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    Large Multi Apartments &  Condominiums  complexes - Institution - Office complexes  Schools - Packing Plants - Process food facilities -  Hospitals - Parking garages - Restaurants  Care Centers - Casino's - Costco, New constructions, Remodels, Malls. Town houses, Pools,

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